Scribd marked PRIVATE and blog posting viewability?

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    Does anyone know if people can view my PDF’s posted on Scribid IF they link to those PDF’s from my blog entry? (Scribd always gives that option underneath each PDF I have posted on my blog.)

    The reason I ask is because all my PDF’s are marked PRIVATE on Scribd. That’s because I only want people to view those samples who have come to my blog…not people who go directly to SCRIBD. But I think I need someone to test my blog to see if when you link to Scribd from any one of my PDFs you can actually view the writing sample on Scribd itself. Because if not, I guess I will have to reset all my images to Public.

    Would someone mind testing this for me by going on to one of my writing samples (first one…American Express Travel will do nicely) to see if when you click on a PDF within a blog entry (where it takes you to SCRIBD) you actually see the image on Scribd or are they not viewable because I have them set on PRIVATE?

    Thanks, it would most appreciated. :)

    The blog I need help with is


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