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Script disappearing in text widget


    Right, i have spent two hours, its now 1am here, looking at WHY my javascript wont work in a text widget box.

    The javascript is;

    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="">

    When I save changes, and view the text box again, its blank except for the backticks. The blog just shows the back ticks as well.

    I have tried putting backticks at the start and end of that sccript, using speach marks, using single speach marks, I've googled, searched till im blue, but NOTHING makes WP remember that script. Each time i save, the script vanishes leaving just the back ticks. Even without any form of backticks, with just the <script> text, it still disappears.

    WHY oh why !?


  2. Olly, stop and breathe!! :)

    Javascript is disabled for security. I believe that there is more information in the FAQ at the top of the forum, alos at

    Hope this helps.


  3. ahhhh GGGREAT !

    How about a pop up when you try to paste scripts in to teh widgets so that its apparent what is going on?

    Only an idea.

  4. Which begs the question, how can we put script into our blogs? I've had the same problem. Turning all JS of from the text widget means we can't do the secure stuff either--for example enable an iframe for books from Amazon.

    How to add this stuff?

  5. janandmicki, please read the FAQ at the head of the forums as well as the FAQ blog as well. Your questions have been asked and answered many, many, MANY times over.

  6. Olly - That's a good idea. Perhaps you could put it in through feedback and suggest it?

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