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  2. because he didn't want to walk?

  3. Is Joseph Bones related to that doctor on Star Trek? Why didn't he just use the transporter?

  4. Dangit, Rain - he's a doctor not some sort of shapeshifting creature! Besides.....Kirk and Ohura were busy in the transportation room......something about a "top secret communication" from Starfleet command?

    Perhaps they are trying to correct the future so that Will Wheaton never goes on to play a Star Trek character.

  5. Woah! Let's take it easy on the shapeshifter comments, if you please. I happen to know that Scotty to beamed them Bones up.

  6. @prattcm1
    You have a blog and posting questions like this in it is what it's for. Perhaps if you use it some people may comment and your blog will secure some statistics. However, posting it here insures that all you will get is static from us.

  7. Just Googled JOSEPH BONES and there's a Myspace Music page for a Josephs Bones whose music is Reggae / Dub.

    * dances off the forum *

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