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Scroll Bars on Dashboard

  1. GAS will, based on the power invested, on the base of the autonmous collective recently organised, make sure there is unanimously agreement by vote, on the issue of scrollbars, to renounce the demand that the said bars be removed, under the provision that all members of said organisation are furnished with an individual iPhone. If consensus cannot be reached, the aforementioned claim and demand will remain unchanged.

    Make mine black, thank you.

    (WHERE is kstafford?!)

  2. Seconded!

  3. (seven yay, no nay and counting)

  4. I'm such a cynic: you don't think it's to free up a lot of white space for Adsense on our Dashboards, do you?

  5. I don't know much about adsense, but couldn't that be put under the manage tab instead of the dashboard. I hear of people requesting adsense but, I request no scroll bars on dashboard (unless we get that iPhone) and the ability of javascripts or other codes being able to work in the text widget. Now thats more productive then scroll bars (again, unless we get the iPhones).

  6. No scroll bars! No scroll bars! No scroll b--- wait, free iPhone?

    More scroll bars! More scroll bars! ;P

  7. No, I mean them running adsense on our Dashboard, making money off our clickthroughs (DON'T CLICK!). It's just me thinking worst-case scenario.

  8. I very much doubt they would do that, especially in such an annoying way.

    ... or would they? *clash of thunder*

  9. Without answers from staff there is no way to tell.

  10. I mean them running adsense on our Dashboard

    /me loves her AdBlock Plus. They can put all the ads on they want, I'll never see them.

  11. serviceuntitled

    Thanks for your (very clear) feedback. The scrollbars are actually a bug and we're working on removing them very shortly, so they'll be gone soon enough. :)

  12. And they are gone! Yay!

  13. HOORAY!

  14. COOL YAY!!!

  15. GAS (Geeks Against Scrollbars) calls this a resounding sucess!

  16. Excellent! Thank you for getting rid of them.

  17. Yes! Back to normality. Thank you.

    I wuv my dashboard.

  18. YES! thank you very much finally my dashboard is
    back to normal... :)

  19. Um,
    I still have a scroll bar in the Recent Comments area using the Andreas09 theme.... so they are not completely gone yet....

  20. Sometimes I get that too, but that was even before this scroll bars everywhere issue. I believe it has something to do with the length of the comments within the recent comments area. But, it will go away once more new comments come in and if the length of the comments information is shorter.

  21. Great to see them gone!

  22. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sorry about the silly bug, my bad. The conspiracy theories are, uh, interesting.

  24. No iPhones?

  25. We specialize in interesting conspiracy theories. I still would have liked an iPhone... could have sold my iPod touch.

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