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  1. It's a bit cumbersome when viewing one's site to scroll up to the top to get at the dashboard buttons. Any chance of those buttons can be made to stay accessible while viewing your blog?

    Also, my theme (Quentin, my blog is scrolls the right-hand sidebar with the texts. After a while (already, really) the texts become long and a viewer will find him- or herself scrolling a long way up to the top where the useful widgets are. I don't see why anyone would want it that way. Any way you could make the sidebar scroll separately so it stays visible?

    Edit: Or are there themes who does this already? Been thinking of switching to Ocadia.

  2. Question #1:

    In Firefox or Internet Explorer, press "Home" to go to the top of the page.

    I would say it is an unnecessary feature because you can do it with one keystroke in your web browser.

    Question #2:

    No, there aren't any themes that do that. In order to have that functionality the sidebar would have to be in a separate HTML frame, and none of them do that to my knowledge.

  3. Re: The sliding bar. Actually that's doable with a JavaScript. You can see an example here for a menu system along the side.

    I've seen "To the top" links in a couple of themes with the link in the footer but none of them here. It's covered indirectly in a FAQ that you might want to read.

    Another solution would be to use your 'more' tags on your editor bar and place a good portion of your post behind it. That way your home page wouldn't be so long.

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