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Scrolling Jpeg - Is it possible?

  1. themarchingjester

    Hey guys, my blog is and I'm using the Andreas09 theme.

    Lately I've been practicing the use of the programme GIMP and I've decided to add a nice image header on my home page. Andreas09 does not allow it.

    I've found that I really like the Contempt theme. Problem is, it's really narrow.

    On my blog, I've many pictures that are 800px x 132px - mostly pictures of my dog and wife.

    When I previewed the blog with the Contempt theme, the images are unfortunately halved.

    Is there a way I could still use the Contempt theme, stick to my 800 x 132 images but have some sort of scrolling bar below each image? So readers can scroll the image from left to right and look at the entire image, instead of half. Okay that was a 'duh' sentence, but you guys get what I mean.

    So is it possible? Just curious as I'm trying to create a more 'professional' look for my family blog.

  2. Yes it's possible, with this piece of code (in the html post editor):
    <div style="overflow:auto;width:440px;">COMPLETE_IMAGE_CODE_HERE</div>
    (440 is the maximum allowed in Contempt)

    But I don't think that idea is "professional". Instead, I would suggest thumbnails linking to full-size originals when clicked.

  3. Or editing your images to adapt to the look of the new theme (e.g. 2x2 rows instead of 1x4).

  4. themarchingjester

    Thanks panaghiotisadam. (may I ask what that means haha)

    Well I guess professional isn't the word. I just wanted something more 'user-friendly' and involves the reader to scroll and be engaged with the blog :O

    Hmm at 440 I'd definitely need to make it 2x2 instead of 1x4 or 1x5 (as in some of the images I have).

  5. You're welcome.

    That's exactly the point: I don't think having to scroll to see groups of pics is user-friendly when these pics can easily be arranged in a way that involves no scrolling.

    (pan...etc. is my real name and surname.)

  6. themarchingjester

    Hang on there. It just occurred to me. What exactly did you mean by 2x2? Is it 2 pictures followed immediately by another 2 pictures that ISN'T divided by a gap? Sort of like 4 squares inside a bigger square? How do you do that? I'm currently using irfanView's 'Create Panaroma Image' to make those 1x5 images.

    Or did you just mean 1x2 on the first line followed by another 1x2? There would be a line between these pictures, which I would prefer not to have.

    Oh, that's your name? Cooool.

  7. Look an example:

    <div style="width:200px;height:100px;border:1px solid black;">
    <div style="width:195px;padding: 5px 0 0 5px;overflow:auto;height:95;font:12px normal 'verdana', arial, tahoma;">

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