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    Is there any way to insert a scrollbar or something similar into long posts? Or maybe a condensed version that will expad when clicked on? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    For scrollbars you need html coding (in the html post or page editor); see here:

    Other possibilities, for “condensed version”:


    One note though: having multiple scroll bars on a page is something people on the web dislike. It ends up confusing and complicating stuff considerably.


    That is one of the reasons using frames has long ago gone out of style.



    ok thanks!! That was very helpful



    @richard & Panos
    So, it’s near kin to impossible to have scrollbars content as can be seen at even with CSS feature on WP.COM? Just asking…


    @babaliciou5: No, it’s very easy – I’m giving the code in the post I linked to. Here’s an example I helped work out:

    Richard didn’t say it’s very difficult, he said it’s not very advisable (and I agree).



    Will check later that out, Panos — am now on mobile using Opera Mini browser, therefore, can’t see nor run any script and code as you can on computer with Firebug and the like. If you don’t mind, will you post the code here? I’m speaking of Sandbox 1.6.1 with CSS and wanting to have scrollbars content on either posts or pages, say, limit the content height and width to specific unit (300px) yet still enable audiences to read long post without breaking the box (border). How to do that, please?

    Thanks for replying.

    <div style="width:300px;height:300px;white-space:pre-wrap;overflow:auto;padding:10px;">


    Pardon my bad English and most importantly my CSS illiteracy but I was expecting to have a wapsite look instead of a weblog. Theoretically speaking, a mobile layout can be achieved by only using custom CSS, no? What, then, to fill within body.single #content {details here} so as to limit it into specific unit without necessarily make the posting overlap the background image by default (illustration site:


    @babaliciou5: Ah, sorry, I know absolutely nothing about CSS customization! Handing over to devblog or thesacredpath or husdal or…



    My fault, Panos, and thanks anyway. Maybe Richard or Husdal or even Juan will pick up the call, who knows? I’ll check this thread again for sure. Later!

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