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    I’m not entirely sure how to phrase what I’m looking for so please bear with me….. I’d like to post really brief updates or items of interest on the static front page of my blog. I have a vision of this scrolling bar where I can just type in brief updates or comments that aren’t enough to write a post about. I thought the RSS widget would do it (but it doesn’t). I’m very new to Worpress so please be gentle…..!
    The blog is:


    The blog I need help with is chakrasociety.wordpress.com.



    Scrolling features like that are generally javascript based, and that’s stripped out for security reasons at WordPress.com. I’m not sure this is doable.


    Thanks raincoaster! How about non-scrolling then? Is there a widget that would allow me to type in my own brief updates?



    If you’re going to type them in, you might as well use a text widget. I, personally, have a Tumblr for all that sort of thing; you could have a Tumblr or Posterous and use the RSS feed for those in an RSS widget. That would work.

    Here’s a piece I wrote on using Tumblr:

    Tumblr Reconsidered


    Thank you! just slapped in a text widget. Feel kinda silly now! Computers aren’t my thing- I can barely switch on my telly….. I’ll look into Tumblr and Posterous too. Thanks again!



    You’re welcome.

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