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    Hi folks,

    Is it possible to create a scrolling text in sidebar? for example, I want to put some testimonials or short stories in the text widget in my sidebar, how do I do it?

    Thank you very much.

    The blog I need help with is



    Any use?
    Scroll in Widget
    <div style=”overflow:auto;height:150px;”>
    <p>First entry and a really long one to see how it handles a long line</p>
    <p>Second entry</p>
    <p>Third entry</p>
    <p>Fourth entry</p>
    <p>Fifth entry</p>
    <p>Sixth entry</p>
    <p>Seventh entry</p></div>


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    Scroll down the page to info about making a scroll box.



    Sorry that’s not what I want, I want the scrolling effect, like marquee



    The marquee tag is not allowed here and secondly it is also now depreciated in HTML5, and all wordpress.COM themes have DOCTYPE HTML(5).


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    I sort of knew that.
    There is not a good way to have scrolling flashing running text in the sidebar on

    You could put your testimonials up as images, then have a slide show of them.
    Or you might try using a gigya shortcode inserted into a text widget on your sidebar something like one of these:

    The slideshow/image idea would probably be ok, but the scrolling messages is going to add a huge amount of loading time to your blog.

    It is not so good because:
    Readers without very high speed internet access will most likely just wait a little then wander on to a quicker loading site.


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    ~~~ Richard!



    If you will be satisfied with adding scroll bars to a text widget then see here >


    G’day Tess and Timethief!



    G’day to you! :)



    ~~timethief! I wish I’d seen that post of yours on scroll bars before I spent wa-ay too long trying to dredge up html from memory and do it myself — but that’s what I get for not just doing a little search for it! (I can be stubborn, and I knew that I had *once* known how to do it . . . and then when I couldn’t get it quite right, my silly stubborn self just kicked in and kept plodding away! From now on, first stop, search onecoolsitebloggingtips!)

    MMADfan>>>goes off slapping herself in the forehead! ;)



    mmadfan I like what you did with the tags in a scroll box, looks better than my tag cloud.

    Does anyone know how to add padding on the right side of a scroll box?.

    I would like to add space between a sidebar widgets scroll wheel, and the scroll wheel of the page.

    another place will I want to know is for my index page for aesthetic appearances:



    The tags were the reason I wanted to figure out the scroll box. I find tag clouds really aesthetically unappealing and I had the sense that people weren’t using it, anyway. It took a little work — I did it in a draft post first, saving it at intervals, so I didn’t have to do the entire thing at once. As I was doing it, I winnowed out a bunch of tags that really weren’t very good, and fixed some that had numerous instances of essentially the same tag. So it was worth doing. And I am getting a bit more hits on the tags now, too, despite the widget being at the bottom of the page.



    Try changing the padding so that you specify right-padding — I don’t know if it will make any difference, but you could see. (I gave it a shot, and I didn’t see any real difference, but my text is centered, and that may make the padding less obvious.)


    a) Re padding – which blog are you talking about?
    b) Re the page you linked to – what would you like to change?



    the page I would like to look better with the scroll boxes is
    I was hoping to be able to put more space on the right side of those scroll boxes.
    they are very big and the scroll wheels on the right column of the page and on the right of the scroll boxes are very close together.

    So another way to asking:
    is there away to shorten the width of the boxes without having to put on Empty png image in the post, or having to put tables in?


    I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. If you mean make the scrollboxes narrower, just turn this:
    <div style="overflow:auto;height:330px;[etc.]
    to something like this:
    <div style="overflow:auto;width:600px;height:330px;[etc.]



    Thats exactly what I wanted.. thank you Panos.
    I didn’t like scroll bars side by side.
    this would be helpful if I later try to put a scroll bar in a right sidebar, as well.



    You’re welcome!
    (But I’m still puzzled, as I’m not seeing side-by-side scrollboxes on the page you linked to.)



    Me neither. :s

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