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Scrool box/bar on your side bar

  1. enrichingmomentsphotography

    how would one do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I use scrollbars. You can follow these directions and create your own in a text widget (also on pages and in posts just adjust accordingly). Adding scroll bars to text widgets

  3. I am thinking you mean scroll box?

    Text in a text widget can be srunk to fit a scroll box by adding code:

    <div style="overflow: auto; height: ###px;">

    (body of Text)


    replace the ### with number of pixels tall.
    a good number to experiment with is 150 for pixels

  4. oops Time theif beat me too posting.

    She is also where I got the idea and know how to add my scroll boxes ;)

  5. @dlager
    Hello there (waving) :)

  6. @timethief (*Blushing*) glad to see you here in the WP forums!

  7. enrichingmomentsphotography

    thanks guys and
    -@ Timethief- sorry for my rudness I think I was having a bad day.

    also I can`t find my last question about links in Vigilance, it still is not working for me.

    I am doing a post and am at where the link is blue in grey box, I click that and then put the address in but it does not anywhere say to insert it? i must be doing it wrong.. i try both on ie and a mac...

  8. enrichingmomentsphotography

    so it worked but how to say put in it archivs and categories? into it?

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