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    Hi, everyone!

    Its been almost a month now since I started On the second week, I saw that the url went up as high as 7th on google (on an avarage 2000 hits/day. Ironically, on the third week, when I was hitting like 4000/day, i can not see the url anymore on google; even if i type Can somebody tell me whats wrong with my blog?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.




    Your blog URL is note the lack of www. The esoriano takes the place of the www. Adding the www usually creates a link that doesn’t work. I once saw a really good explanation of why on ask metafilter.

    If you search Google with the following, site: it shows up just fine.



    If i type, what comes out are other sites that contains Before, you can actually see the site among the top 5-7 on google. Is there something wrong with my blog or what?





    Just to prove the point by the way:

    Note that with the ‘www’ bit, you don’t exist. :)

    Google as well as many other search engines know that that usage of the ‘www’ bit as a fourth name is incorrect so they don’t follow those links nor do they index on it.



    drmike and timethief,

    i appreciate the help, guys! but i think i did not state my case quite clearly. here’s my point:

    Just two days ago, when i type ‘eliseo soriano’ or ‘esoriano’ or combinations of some key words on the blog (just to see my rankings on google), will be the sixth or seventh cite that appears. note that this was when i was hitting 2,500 hits a day. i can even see people bumping into the blog using various keywords.

    When i checked again this morning, all i see was different sites that contains the word esoriano, etc. I can not find the url proper on the rankings anymore! ironically, it happened when i hit the 4k mark for the past two days.

    i know this is beyond wordpress issues, but i believe, that being veteran bloggers, you have an idea of what is happening. is there any wrong in the structure of the blog?

    sorry for this. thanks

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