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    Sorry, in my previous comment about the Profile, I was referring to the View Your Profile link that appears at the top-right of the Forums pages when you are logged in. It will show details of all your threads/posts in which you have been active. Cool!



    We all have two profiles at One on our blogs and one here in the forum.

    A. Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog -> Users -> Profile
    In the right hand column locate “Website” and type in the link to your blog example:

    B. Linking your username to your blog in the forum
    (1) Go up to the top right hand corner of this forum page and look for “Welcome,_________ ! View your profile” and click “View your profile”.

    (2) Next click “edit this information”.

    (3) Complete the fields being sure that where it says website that you enter (no period at the end or the link won’t work)

    (4) Once you’re done click “Update Profile”. Voila! Now every time you sign into the forum we can click on your username and your blog will be linked to it.

    (5) Also note that there is a complete record of every post that you make to the forum on your forum profile page. Everyone in the forum can access it by simply clicking on “Member” next to your username.



    I think a search feature would be great. I’ve always wanted one on the home page, since going to google or searching for tags is tricky sometimes.



    This is a dead topic because Matt has said it is a dead topic. There will not be a search function put into place. However, if you have something to say to staff and management on this dead topic then send an email to


    I don’t think timethief is a fan of democracy! Popular thinking is a search engine would be a good idea, every other site on earth has one. But its a dead horse, so I’ll shutup….. ;)



    If you want this request send your support into Staff. There is nothing we can do in the forums here about it either way.




    i just realised this would be a bad idea. Since wordpress would have to spend lots of time and money to develop a good search engine, and that would divert time away from adding new features. Also, theres another problem.
    Going to a search engine (google, yahoo) means that your using a good search engine, since they are older and have developed good techniques for searching. but a wordpress search engine would be newer, and wouldn’t be as good (no offense wordpress).



    Many have commented that smaller blog sites (probably with less resources) have a search function built in, so it shouldn’t be a big hassle for WordPress to implement a search somewhere visible–if not on the front, then maybe at least for logged in members.

    Yes, they should concentrate on other features, but building community seems to be an important feature on WordPress. The forums are great (thank you for all the time and devotion from the volunteers). Support from staff seems good. Adding a search function would only strengthen community because new bloggers would be able to “connect” with others writing on the same topic or just “surf” other related or unrelated topics of interest, thus keeping us within the WP website, developing a better sense of community.

    Yes, there is the Blog Surfer and Tag Surfer function, but Blog Surfer is still in the beta phase and doesn’t work (as of 20 minutes ago when I was trying it and thus lead me to a search on the forums which lead me to this old post) AND one word tags don’t cut it if you are trying to search on a specific event or topic that requires more description than “Life.” Or what if you just want to search specific postings and not entire blogs?

    Yes, you can do a Google search, but why should you have to go outside of the community to find sites that are hosted from within the community? It’s like having to call your mom on your cell phone to find out which office her accountant is in, when you are already inside the building and could just as easily try to locate the building directory (ok, I admit, it might be easier to call mom).

    To those who don’t want their blogs to be searchable, there is the private function. But isn’t the whole point of blogging to be public? Otherwise, you can always write your “journal entries” the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper or type and save the files on your personal computer. To eliminate spammers, maybe the search function should be available only to logged in users i.e. from the Dashboard.

    Couldn’t the staff just modify and implement the search that is already available (ready and running) from the forum to a search for WP blogs? Or couldn’t they work with Google (am I hitting a sore spot?) or modify a Google search to search only WP blogs?

    I believe in “the search.” It makes our lives easier. It makes staffers’ lives easier because it lets us find answers on our own and helps us build community within WordPress (happy users = less stress on staff). Functions such as Akismet and Gravatar are developments outside of the blogosphere, but they enhance the user experience. Bottom line, a search function will only further enhance user experience and if Automattic doesn’t do it, I’m sure Microsoft will come along and buy the whole company and integrate blogging into Windows, Internet Explorer, IM, MSN e-mail, cell phones, PDAs, etc…

    Let’s keep this dialogue going!



    Let’s keep this dialogue going!

    Why? Why on earth would we buy into wasting our time jawing about this on the forum in the face of the facts:
    (1) The tag pages are searchable.
    (2) Google blog search already does the search engine job.
    (3) The corporate decision has already been made: Matt says that his company will not be going into the search engine business.

    In reality this is a dead issue because Matt has said it is a dead issue. There will not be a search function put into place. So if you feel a need for “dialog” on then that’s what blogs are for.



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    For the record, the individual search function here at doesn’t even cover comments or static pages, but google searches do.



    “Let’s keep this dialogue going!” (I don’t know how to format the quote in a box and stuff)

    I’m kind of over this search function business. I still won’t mind one bit to see something like it on here, whether it be a wordpress powered engine or otherwise. But the main reason why I’m posting this is just to keep the dialogue going =)

    I don’t see how it hurts anyone. And I guess if you don’t give a crap about it, you don’t have to participate in the dialogue and waste time jawing about it and just let it die if no one wants to talk about it. Sorry for renewing this thread. I was kind of bored and I couldn’t resist…because for some reason, it seemed like an amusing thing to do.


    WordPress has as I remember made it clear that they are not going into the search engine business. The following FAQ shows how to use Google to search only blogs, and in my experience it works quite well.



    surely, searching against a database is nowhere near rocket science, so I can’t see like there’s any technical obstacles. moreover, I believe domestic search results would be superior to and more accurate than those that you can get from the external search engines — due to WP sucks a bit from the fact “you can get to a post from 3-4 different ways”, google is indexing every freakin’ feed or an archive page it can find on your blog (WP generated 10 488 [ten thousands and a half!] internal, ‘index’able and ‘follow’able by the SE links on my blog, whereas it has 46 posts only).

    also, I think you should know there are plans to open up “the system for user-generated queries, so you could rank all recent similar tagged public posts” — this, of course, does not mean you’ll be able to do a global search thing. no, that’s only about a starring all that loads of… “what’s popular” which is flushing with “the stream of the fresh stuff”.

    no doubts, an implementing such ranking system is a much more technically difficult task than a simple search box.

    okay, but we disgressed and should get back to the original questions from this and quite a few of other similar titled threads: “why on earth send users to an outside site?”,

    — where’s the scoop without all that PC BS around “you should have to go outside of the community to find sites that are hosted from within the community, because automattic ain’t going into the search engine business”?

    the issue is, had a search box been placed on, let’s say, the notorious tags pages, this would essentially be a clear admittance that those pages said:

    * are nothing but the “search results”, which Google doesn’t like to index and display in their own search results (although they already are nothing but “other auto-generated pages that don’t add much value for users coming from search engines” in fact);

    * were intended to improve search engine rankings of those very tags pages themselves, and hence to increase driving a traffic to them in the first place (no to your blogs, of course);

    * were primarily made for search engines, not for users, although being presented to the target audience as a “global tags conversation” or as a “zeitgeist of what popular in the last 24 hours” etc.

    so, the global search on .com is pretty much feasible and would bring benefit to .com users, but since the result pages of such domestic search engine would have to be prevented from crawling by the major SE, apparently, it gains no value from the investors’ point of view:
    a) being hidden from the external SE, those pages couldn’t drive additional traffic from them;
    b) they don’t want to show ads on that pages to the .com users/passers-by because, for whatever reasons, “our business is such we don’t need to”.

    in the meantime, you’re supposed to get by with the external, generic SE like from goog or msft, or a specific one such as: — yeah, beware there are tons of crappy, nagging ads that accompany their SERP, but that’s, obviously, because their business model (as well as everyone’s else on the web 2.0 today, btw ;-) is such they do need to show ads.



    Well, in that case it could have a google search integrated to the site like many sites have. The whole “search bar” functionality that browsers have nowadays are based on the idea of skipping repeating tasks like typing “” every time. Directing traffic is a delicate thing, almost like an art. In my opinion, it’s a matter of forcing the people to get used to that whole web 2.0 culture, not of logic. If WordPress wanted people to search blogs they would have a search field of the size of Manhattan right in the middle of the home page. Summarizing: to me there’s an intention.



    sorry, do you really mean that hand-crafting URIs as a viable means of navigation is that very “whole web 2.0 culture” thing?

    they do want people to search blogs. or rather they want them landed to .com blogs from the search engines, because it’s the one the conditions for ads to be served for such a visitor.

    there’s no point to ‘have a google search integrated’ — in searching of .com blogs specifically interested only .com users themselves, who have that eternal (“remember me forever”) cookie from automattic in their browser.

    however, ads are not shown to the logged in users, so that they suddenly don’t get infuriated by the “tasteful display” of the 6-pack of ads per page.

    yeah, intention. no doubts of it.



    I totally agree with this… I know that we can use but it will be nice to just enter some term, keywords etc into one small box and get a lot of answer. Will you pass this to wordpress creators?



    Will you pass this to wordpress creators?

    No. Please read all the posts above your own. Matt already said “no”.



    I dunno what/when/where Matt said about that, but just for the record, the same person said the following to me as well:

    the Ideas forum is a really big part of our development planning process and has been a huge success thus far.

    and also:

    Matt Mullenweg: If I had to look at why WordPress has been successful to the extent it has, I think it is mostly due to that we listen.
    We are users of the blogs ourselves. I mean, every WordPress developer is a pretty active blogger, and we listen a lot to the people using the software. […]
    Our users are very smart because they use WordPress obviously and they are not shy, so they are very willing to share their opinions about where things can go.



    We’re exploring some search stuff right now — it’s a hard problem. We’ll see what happens there.

    options, timethief, I think you guys should take a break from the forums.

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