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    Is there any reason why a search bar couldn’t be added to the page where you can type in a keyword? The tag cloud is fine if you want some tag which is listed, if it’s not…you can look at “more”….what if it’s not there either? There’s nothing. I switched from Windows XP to Mandriva Linux yesterday, and figured it’d be a good idea to start building my knowledge sources for Mandriva……and can’t search on



    Technically you can modify your url and type in the tag you want to search by:

    But I understand what you mean. A search box would be nice especially with the multi-word tags that need a dash.



    Been suggested but ryannjenn’s suggestion holds, especially since related tags come up in the sidebar.

    Feel free to submit a feedback though with the suggestion.



    Never thought about manually editing the url……dunno why. I understand the related tags thing, it just seems to be extra clicks which could be avoided with a search box.

    There’s quite a few areas of which you have to jump through some hoops before you’re allowed to use the hallowed search bar……I wonder why it’s rationed?



    I’ve submitted the suggestion via feedback, so I’ll mark this as resolved.



    this or similar (‘Search on Global Tags / Advanced Tag Surfer‘) idea is the first thought that hits on when visiting .com Global Tags page — it’s hard to say GT (ot Tag Serfer) have any of a particular use without a search box.

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