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  1. Sorry if this already exists but I have not been able to find that out yet. Is there a way to look at random blogs organised by the themes they are using? More than the preview feature (which sometimes behaves a bit funny I have to say), what I really like is to see what people have been able to do with a theme and take my inspiration from that. What I do at the moment is that I click on the names of those participating in discussions relating to a theme I like, but it is a bit laborious and by no means always successful as many of us have test blogs etc. It would be lovely to see all what people have been able to do on a certain theme. If there is no such search feature in place already, do you think we could ask for it?

  2. Maybe this wasn't very clear? I just would like to know if there is a way to choose to see random blogs who are using the theme we are using, or a theme we are interested in, to see what people have managed to do with it. Anyone knows about that?

  3. chrisboyddotnet


    Unfortunately not. But thanks for this suggestion!

  4. We can frequently find others using the same theme on their blogs by searching the Themes forum threads and/or by doing Google searches. If you would help with that then which theme are you referring to please?

  5. I like this idea, it could help those who edit their CSS get some ideas...

  6. This thread (and this post in particular) shows a way to search for blogs by theme:

    You go to google and put in whatever you're looking for, in this case "2010 Theme" and to make it a search, you put the following in the search box on Google:

    "2010 Theme"

    And if that doesn't turn up what you want, you search for

    "Theme 2010"

  7. @frsh You're welcome! Best place for it IMHO would be somewhere near "Activate" and "Preview", and would sound like "View in real blogs".

    @timethief I would love some help. I am looking for Digg3, Structure, and Inuit Types

    @1tess thanks a lot for the tip! I searched for "Theme: Structure by Organic Themes" but there's this one blog whose pages are all over the results. I am a bit disappointed with what I found for Structure because out of all the blogs I have found, only ONE was using the Featured post in the front page which I consider to be the main point of the theme though...

  8. @sunnisme

    1. Format or Google search of all blogs

    note there is no space following the colon - keyword (theme name)

    Digg3 theme
    Structure theme
    Inuit Types theme

    2. Format for Google search of Themes Forum
    Digg3 theme
    Structure theme
    Inuit Types theme

    3. Format for Google search of CSS Customization Forum
    Inuit Types

  9. @timethief
    Thank you so much!!!

  10. You're welcome. If I may share a personal opinion with you then it would be don't waste your time on this. We can have as many blogs as we wish to register and IMHO every blogger needs a test blog (mirror blog). Register for another one and use it to test themes in as I describe here >

  11. Thanks for the link Timethief. I really appreciate your advice and I just wanted to let you know that I will open a mirror blog and to thank you for the idea. But I think I just really like browsing randomly by themes, it's fun. And also I like changing the blog while it is live (at night though of course) because it forces me to adjust everything in one go. If I only changed in a mirror blog first, I think I would take all my time and nothing would get done, but of course, this is a matter of personal habit rather than anything else.

  12. Would there be interest in starting a thread in the themes folder where users could post their blogs as examples of what can be achieved for a given theme, and providing basic information on what, if any, customisation/modifications were used? Of course, this is only as useful as the people posting, but it may give people a starting point for ideas.

  13. @jiurneyphotographic
    Would you like to bring your suggestion to Staff attention by using this link?

  14. @ timethief

    Will do. And let me take the opportunity to say thanks for all your help around the forums - the advice from you and other volunteers was priceless in helping this newbie getting her blog up and running!

  15. @journeyphotographic
    Thank you for the kind words. This team of Volunteers are THE best IMO. :)

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