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  1. Whenevr I do a search using the search widget on my blog I get a single post displayed that has the result of my search and the following message "If you are unable to find anything in these search results, you can try one of these links." I expected to see a lsit of all posts containing the search item but I dont see that. Can anyone help? My blg is at

  2. Actually, you have your blog set to display one post per page. So when you search, only one post per page displays but there is a link at the bottom to navigate to other pages with the same search term.

  3. Well spotted Vivian! I couldn't figure it out when I had a look at the blog earlier.

  4. Yeah, it was kinda hard to spot at first. I'm not used to seeing one post per page setups but I remembered that the archive pages follow the same number of posts per page as the front page.

  5. Thanks a lot - I'd never have managed to work that out!

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