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Search Box Gone

  1. The search box has disappeared from my blog. I use the "Silver is the New Black" theme which had a working search box. Now it's gone. I even tried creating a new test blog with the same theme, and it won't appear.

  2. Check to see if it's now a widget. I know I had to put it in there on my test blog when it disappeared.

  3. I use the same theme and have the same problem. Last week it disappeared. There is some sort of a problem on the right column where I get "blanks" that disappear when I mouse over them. Also, I can't get the calendar widget to work. does it work in this theme for you?

  4. In mine it also disappeared. I am using the same template

  5. As far as I know, the calendar widget never worked for this theme. However, the search widget worked just fine. Now it's gone. I've tried going into the Sidebar Widgets section of My Dashboard and sliding the search widget off my sidebar, saving that change, and then sliding it back onto my sidebar and saving that change. It's just gone. I wonder if this has affected any other themes.

  6. Some of the themes have an issue with the calender widget when it's over in the left hand column.

    As per the big red sticky concerning Theme Bugs, please send in a feedback. It is missing when I try it on my test blog as well.

    Hope this helps,

  7. I'm new. I'm having absolutely NO LUCK getting the heading for "Links" (or "Bookmarks") to appear in my sidebar or anywhere at all on the page--no matter what I do with the Widgets.

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