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    I often visit my blog and use the home page search box, bottom right, to find posts that I use on other websites, particularly for use.

    I use the tag to a post to find those particular posts. I think it is the easiest way to search my blog. However, rarely does this work. For instance, a recent search was for the tag ‘water’ which brought up only one post, called Wavey. I can see why that came up and nothing else. It does not have a tag for water.

    Tonight I tried ‘tag:water’ in that search box to see if that would work, but that brought up no posts.

    The only way that worked was for me to use the browser URL Address field and adding, after my domain name, /tag/water.

    My expectation is that I could/should bring up relevant posts by using post tags within my home page search box. I would like to see this happen. It would make things a lot easier.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there. As of this time, tag searching isn’t a feature of search on The search that is built in to WordPress looks for the keyword in either the title, or text of the post. (For instance, the post titled ‘Wavey’ has the word ‘Watery’ in the description of the photo.)



    @andrewcpht: Thanks for your reply. OK, I now understand and appreciate why some posts were found and not the ones I wanted!! LOL. BTW, the word in my post is ‘watering’ and helps me now know why that post was found. I guess I’ll just have to remember to use the ‘/tag/…’ in my blog’s URL field.

    For me, the idea of having tag-searching is as an aide-memoire as I often don’t recall post titles, especially if they’re from a while ago, or even any text I may have included with it, but I do remember the tags I’ve used as I try to be consistent with tagging posts. Cheers!


    No problem! Glad I could help you understand.



    @andrewcpht: Always enjoy learning! But, I do hope this idea gets put onto the “Must Look At” list. Searching by tags is not new to WordPress or elsewhere and, therefore, using a post-tag to search in a blog search box, I think, is a logical extension to the principle. Thanks for your good work!


    There is a Tag Cloud Widget that you can put in your sidebar to more easily see posts by their tags. This is historically how WordPress users have viewed posts by tags.

    That being said, a “tag:” operator in the search box is a good idea. If you’d like to see it happen, you could post in the Ideas forum so someone from can pass it on for consideration.



    tags: You can limit search results to posts with specific tags. To limit your search for mobile to posts specifically tagged with iphone you’d search for ‘tags:iphone mobile’. This works with multiple tags as well, ‘tags:iphone,apple mobile’.




    That being said, a “tag:” operator in the search box is a good idea. If you’d like to see it happen, you could post in the Ideas forum

    This topic is posted in the Ideas forum, but thank you for the suggestion.


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    For future reference, please add a modlook tag on a thread that should be moved. Also add a tag such as, “move to ideas forum.”

    Telling folks to repost in another forum adds to having duplicate posts here, making it harder for people to search the forums plus making it more difficult for volunteers to see who has and has not been answered on a particular question.



    @timethief: I read your link, for which I thank you.

    I decided to try your idea, as stated in your post above, by going to the site in another browser. I find that now it is no longer possible to search the site. I clicked onto the News menu, hoping to find a search box there. Of course, that is the News blog and, yes, there is a search box which allows me to search by words and categories purely for that blog, which is to be expected.

    I then decided to visit my own blog again and do a search, in my home page search box, eg: ‘ water’ which produced no results, as I expected.

    I then read your link more closely and clicked onto the ‘’ link, which brings up a search field. Using the ‘ water’ example, it produced the one result I expected.

    How extraordinarily cumbersome! What visitor to my blog would know to do that?

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