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Search box messed up too

  1. Hi, everybody! I have two blogs on WordPress, one with the Freshy theme and the other one with the Journalist theme. As I am using the Catalan language templates, in both of them the button "Search" displays instead "Cercar", which means "Search" in Catalan. Then again, since a couple of days ago, the words "Search for" appear next to the search input, which both disrupts the flow of the sidebar and may confuse readers who don't understand what that means. To be true, I haven't tried to "extract" the search widget and then adding it again to the sidebar to see if this solves the problem, but I'm fearful messing with the sidebar could worsen the trouble. I have access to the CSS file if this is what is needed but really don't know what to look for. Thanks in advance for your help, I really enjoy the WordPress experience... :)

  2. It is easier to help if you give us the links to the blogs. Even if we don't understand the language, in most cases the information architecture is the same.

  3. Oops, sorry! :)
    Ok, here they are....

    BiblioSort -> <- the one with Freshy theme
    Sort Actual -> <- the one with Journalist theme

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Seems that they have changed the search widget adding that "search for" in front of the box. I agree - it messes up the flow of the theme and, given that they failed to reposition the box, it really looks like crap.

  5. I just figured out how to remove that text from the search box in The Jounalist theme:

    label.hidden {
  6. Yeah! It worked even if I wasn't sure I was placing it on the right section of the stylesheet. Thank you very much for your input, Mrs Paige, I'm really grateful for your help. Now I'm going to try the same trick in the Freshy theme and see if it works...

    I can't help but wonder who changed the search widget and why... *sigh*
    If it wasn't for our fellow WordPress users... :)))

  7. Oh, well, unfortunately it doesn't work with the Freshy theme, in fact it unexpectedly does strange things with the entire layout... Any suggestions??

  8. If you're going to mess around with the CSS, I strongly suggest the developer's toolbar for Firefox. That's how I figured out the answer on the Journalist theme, which I also use.

    All of the stylesheets are different and while I've become quite familiar with the Journalist, I don't know the others. A quick look at your Freshy-themed blog tells me that the element is the same as the Journalist (label.hidden) so I don't know why it's not working. Of course, there could be other elements on that page that use the same thing. I just don't know enough about CSS to tell. Sorry.

    Hopefully, one of the real CSS gurus will take a look and can help you.

  9. Here's hoping... Unfortunately, I don't know almost anything about CSS, just a broad theory about what it is; when I started this page, I used the CSS editor to (slightly) change the colour of the entries header and being successful at it out of intuition was a big deal for me... But that's all I am able to do by myself! :)

    As for the Freshy theme, even though I placed the label in the same place as in the Journalist webpage, it messed with the page header (which disappeared completely!) and a couple other things. Fortunately, a quick look around older support messages told me what I needed to do to undo changes... I'll be waiting until mid-week to see if someone chirps in with possible solutions to this problem on the Freshy theme; if not, I'll contact support and see what I can get out of them and when they give me a solution I'll be posting it here to help others with the same problem...

    As before, thank you very much for your input! :)

  10. bibliosort,

    The code Vivian gave you should work on Freshy too. However, it seems you don't have the CSS upgrade for your blog using Freshy... but if you do, again, it should work just as fine as in your other blog.


  11. Thanks a lot, devblog, but no need... it worked itself out, just as it should be.
    Am I imagining things, or the search box (now with no label attached, yay!) looks a bit bigger now?

    Anyway, thank you all for your input, your help was really appreciated... :)

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