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    Is it possible to search for a WordPress user by their ip address? For example, I know someone’s ip address and want to see if they have a WordPress journal, is there a way of doing that?
    Thanks in advance.


    not in the site. IP addresses arent always static, a lot of them are dynamic and change every time its reconnected. However if its a static IP then you COULD do a google search using the IP address, though that will bring up anything and everything related to that IP



    It would also be a privacy issue concerning release of data to a third party.

    (Not that I’ve changed my mind about answering policy questions or anything.)

    Disclosure: I can see IP addresses here in the forums and it’s helped a time or two.



    Search engine would be the only way to search IP though as that will not bring up results in the general search.




    that would be a major privacy invasion.
    Imagine if someone would want to stalk you, instead of being you in search of somebody else.



    Yep, exactly. That is why there are starting to be laws around the release of IP information where there never were before.

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