Search, Category and Tag pages do not display post images!

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    I have a photo blog (that has more pictures than words) ->

    When I go to the any of these 3 pages:
    3-Search results

    I see a list of posts with text but all the images are “missing”!

    I installed the evermore plugin (I told it to show 5 paragraphs and 1000 words) before showing the read more link, this makes these pages show more TEXT but the images are still missing on these pages.

    I’d like people to see the posts and the images in the posts when going to any of these 3 pages.
    The images are not missing on the front page or anywhere else.

    Any ideas? Thank you!!



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    sorry! will post in the correct forum. Plz close this post.



    I’d like to suggest that you consider your readers and reduce the number of posts on the front page of your blog. It took so long to load that I chose to crash rather than to wait for it to complete.

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