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Search does not respond to new title of post

  1. Hallo
    When I type the title of the post 'I Know You' in the search box, it does not pull this page up like with the other pages.
    Search does respond to the old title, however.
    Everything looks in order in the edit page re permalink etc, so I'm not sure why it won't respond to the new title.
    Please tell me what I should do.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    From support documentation:

    The search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

  3. Search does not respond to new title of post

    Where are you conducting this search for the newly titled post? On wordpress? on Google or another search engine?

    And how long ago did you change the title of the post? It can be some time for search engines to find your new link. Weeks? Months? I cannot say.

    If you mess with post titles, then search engines need time to re-index the new link. The old title, already indexed will most likely return a 404 not found error to your readers.

    Also looking at the tags in the sidebar here, is it the title of a post or a page which you changed.

  4. A link to the old title and to the new title would be useful for us volunteers.
    starting with http://

  5. And the old title?

  6. I'm thinking about if the old post was let's say 5 months old, and the OP changes it,

    Oh, but you are right the date on the new post/ title is new. Nevermind. Now I need a cuppa…

  7. I mean about the 404 error if one goes and changes the title (including the date)…

  8. Hallo
    Old Title = Damn Your Eyes
    New Title = I Know You

    I'm using the Search box at the top of my Word press site: gigiwanders

    When I type I Know You, it doesn't take me straight to the post.
    When I type the old title, Damn Your Eyes, it takes me straight to the I Know You page.

    I change the title from Damn to Know about 1-2 weeks ago.

    I do not get any 404 error, just what I document above.

    Please advise what I should change on the edit page, if anything, to have the Search perform accurately, ie takes one straight to the I Know You page when I type I Know You .

    Appreciate your help.

  9. Odd. Because if I put "I Know You gigi" into a Google search box, then your post is currently right there on top.

    I Know You « Gigi wanders
    5 days ago – There's something about your eyes. I feel like I know you.” He said. Press PLAY.

    Let's hope someone else another volunteer or staff can help or explain.

    I'll modlook this for a staff person to see this thread. IMO the wordpress search box should be able to find that post. It might well be something very simple we are missing.

  10. They are Posts, not Pages
    Here is the link to the new page:

    If you type Damn Your Eyes in the Search box on the top rhs, it will take you to the I Know You post.

    But, if you type in I Know You in the Search box, then the post will be three posts down from Waiting For ... and A Little Slice ... then, I Know You.

    I hope this is clearer for you guys. I appreciate your help.

    Should I be changing dates or something? What should I do.


  11. ~~~gigiwanders
    we were typing and posting at the same time ~~~

    I don't think you should change dates or titles right now. Let's wait and see.

  12. Okay, thanks.
    Wait and see if it self-corrects, you mean?

  13. No. Well, maybe. But I meant if a WordPress staff person or another volunteer would have some insight.

  14. I often use the wp search box as timethief describes for post titles sucessfully.

    and your post (with the old title) comes right up. but not the new title.

    It's 1 am here and I could be missing something obvious. Sorry I'm not more useful…

  15. I very much appreciate your time and help.
    It does seem rather strange that it still responds accurately to the old title, but not the new one.

    When I did change the title, on the edit page where the permalink etc is, it continued to show the old title 'damn ... ' so I went ahead and edited it there to the new title and updated.

    I just discovered the same problem with the post 'This Amazing Life'.

    It's all very weird.


  16. Hallo. Has anyone solved the puzzle of why on wp, when I type in I Know You in the Search box, it doesn't take me directly to the post, but stacks some other posts before it.
    Yet when I type in the old title Damn Your Eyes, it goes immediately the post I Know You?
    Please let me know why it is 'behaving' like this, and what I should do to correct it.

  17. You only waited one day. New titles change the permalinks and so have to start from zero googlejuice. Your old title currently has all the googlejuice and it will take time for hte new one to get any.

  18. @gigiwanders
    raincoaster is spot on. See here > Avoid creating 404 pages

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