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    I am mostly writing articles so that I put the links on the mailing lists I am subscribed to. But I see that some keywords searches (from google or yahoo I guess) also lead to my blog. But for sometime, I used the summary feature (More tag) and the paging (Next Page tag) feature for all my posts. But after doing this, I never got any keyword hits on my blog. I even tried with all the same keywords but the my site never came up.

    What’s your opinion on this ?

    As a side note,

    1) How to know whether the search keyword to find my blog was used on google or yahoo or …

    2) How to where was my blog on the search result ? Say for example this is an India related search term – rte act and homeschooling. Now when you type this Google & Yahoo both bring up my blog as the first result. How to know whether it is first everytime or not?

    The blog I need help with is



    My opinion is, you’ve been hamstringing yourself. The More feature is okay, SEO wise, but Google ranks what it sees right up front, so the closer to the top of your blog on the front page you can get things, the better you will rank. You have a static front page, which means you’re already way behind in SEO compared to where you’d be if you had your blog posts on the front page.

    You can tell if a search comes from Google or Yahoo by looking through your Referrers.

    How to know if your blog post is the first result on each search engine every time? By searching for it on each search engine in every country daily, I suppose. There are services out there which will analyze this for you, but they are generally speaking not cheap.


    thanks raincoaster for all the info.



    The information up to the MORE tag is readable by Google…then it goes to the next blog post. It does back up and read the stuff behind the More link eventually, but it gives it a much, much lower priority. Static pages and Next Page and so on are not good for a blog at all. It’s posts that have the google juice.

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