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    I recently switched wordpress blogs so the address matched my page title.

    Now my new site has yet to be listed on Google or get any search engine traffic whatsoever. Is this just on the part of the search engines waiting to refresing their search results?

    It’s been about a week, and still haven’t seen any hits from search engine results….My other blog got them a lot quicker.

    Any suggestions? input?




    Have you made any posts on your new blog?

    Your new blog is public, right?

    Ask the folks linking to your old blog to update their links to point to the new blog.

    One think you can do is with your old blog, remove all of the widgets from your sidebar expect for a single text widget. Put in a “We’ve moved” bit along with a link to your new site. The search engines should see that and follow thte links.


    Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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