search engine problem, what going on??

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    hey guys when i google my blog to see where it is, it comes up as

    Personal development and Fitness
    Strumenti e risorse per le nuove forme di comunicazione. – 24k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

    Can someone please tell me what is
    “Strumenti e risorse per le nuove forme di comunicazione.” and what it is doing there.

    All i know is that it is itallian but i think it is hurting my blog traffic. Why on earth would something italian be displayed there when everything in my blog is in english?

    Please help!


    Can you provide a link to the Google search result where you’re seeing this, and a link to your blog, both starting with http://? It’s really hard to tell much without that.




    oh and sorry my blog is


    The problem is that your setup is generating two meta tags with the same name=”description” attribute, and Google’s picking up the first one (not surprising, since the name is supposed to be unique if I recall correctly).

    I’m not sure how to fix it, since those of us hosted on don’t have that problem (or access to that level of code). You may want to ask over on the forums, where there are people who know the self-hosted wordpress setups much better than anyone here does.


    Found the blog from the google search. :-)



    ok thanks a million man

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