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    I bought a domain name for my blog <not trying to spam. But once my blog has been around long enouph and starts going into search engines, will it go in still as or


    It depends on which url people use to link to you. For a while, I had, but after a while I stopped using that url and started using, and Google stopped indexing the former.



    How did you do that? We can have our own domains here even if we don’t host out sites? Because that link didn’t say but clicking your name still says I’m confused.


    yeah, if you go to yahoo you can buy a domain for $3. And you can transfer your wordpress blog name to it, so you dont have wordpress in your link nomore its just, but you still can use the link with wordpress in it, cause thats how you get to the dashboard.



    Actually it will probably see neither since you’re using a framing service and search engines probably won’t go past the frame that your service uses.

    If you want to use the domain that you bought and have it work correctly, you need to have a paid host elsewhere or you’re going to have to use the domain.


    yeah, has been working fine, I think I am just going to keep it that way for now. I would get it hosted, but I am not computer savy enouph to do tranfer files and stuff.

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