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Search engine results, or lack thereof

  1. I started a blog here a couple of weeks ago. I've posted 9 blogs in that time and have nearly 700 views. That is all well and good, except that I've been keeping a close eye on the stats page and I've only had THREE search engine results in that time. Everyone I've asked tells me that they get loads of them, so I am a little concerned. My blog is public.

    Any ideas? Thanks! :)

  2. Have you tried looking for your blog on search engines? Also, 2 weeks isn't very long. Who are these people who say they get loads of them? How long have they been posting to their blogs?

    Check a few search engines and see where you fall in the results

  3. time is a factor - you don't get much search engine traffic in 2 weeks' time. and by "loads of them" you don't actually know exactly how much traffic they're getting from search engines. to them loads is over the whole period they've been blogging.

    also if you're blogging a very popular topic it might be buried beneath other links in the search results.

  4. Thanks Judy.

    I just did an extensive search on google, using titles of my blogs and keywords AND my name, and I could only find two of my posts. Even under my username. The two posts I did find, were the ones that yielded the three search results last week.

    It seems my posts aren't showing up at all for the most part. Ah, this is worse than I thought...

  5. Thanks Sulz and hi :)

    I'll give it some time, but it is a worry that I can't find them at all... even when I pare the search down to my username.

  6. That's pretty quick for a couple of weeks.

    *sigh* I used to have that Herb Albert album.

  7. It does speed things up I find if you register with Google Blog Search and Technorati.

  8. drmike: Heh, yeah. I didn't waste any time. I've been blogging for years on MySpace and elsewhere. I just decided to try somewhere new for that minty fresh feeling. You had that album? I'm jealous. I love me some Herb...

    judy: Wow, thanks! That's good to know. Man, my searching skills must really suck, heh. I came up with nothing like that.

    raincoaster: I am with Technorati and a few other places. I'm not sure about Google Blog Search, though. I shall check it out. Thanks :)

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