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search engine returning blog title instead of post title

  1. I was searching for my tests on Google today (took forever). I noticed that Google returns the title of my blog instead of the title of post - no wonder I can't find my posts.

    Any thoughts?

    This is the search criteria "REST - Updating a resource has multiple side effects" and it returns blog "Ka Anyi Kwuo Okwu" on page 2 instead of title as posted above.

  2. Provided your blog is not private, would you please post a link to it so we can see what you mean?

  3. sorry

    here is the link

    Now it's clickable. :)

  5. true that. now i need some answers :)

  6. This is the search I did REST - Updating a resource has multiple side effects

    This is the first result in that search and it is directing correctly to the blog post.
    REST - Updating a resource has multiple side effects

  7. so in my search in google i need to include the site i want it to search on? am I missing something. I don't do that for any other search. why isn't my post title actually returned?

  8. This is the search I did

    Processes or Data - Batching

    This is the first result of the search Processes or Data - Batching

    Your post titles are being returned in Google Blog searches. They are correctly linked to the blog article titles. I'm unable to understand what the problem is.

  9. but how about when you search the web (and not blogs)?

  10. I'm sorry I can't help you further on this perhaps our Moderator or staff or another blogger can. :(

  11. thanks. i definitely see that if I go search for blogs on a particular topic, I get my blogs back. but I never search "blogs", I always search the web (and I never get my blog back) and now that we're going through this exercise I think it's because the my page title is not part of the url returned by Google i.e. its part of the page itself.

    So the pages that are returned when I search have "rest", "update" as part the page. My blog comes back as I wonder why!

  12. The url for your blog which is cannot be changed unless you purchase a domain and domain mapping for it.

    The title of your blog which is Ka Anyi Kwuo Okwu can be changed at anytime and as many times as you want on this page -> Options -> General -> Blog Title

    Unless or until you have a domain and domain mapping then the permalinks for your posts will always appear like this of the blog post/

  13. The thing to remember is that the post you are talking about was posted today, 10/31/07, and for it to even show up in Google's main search index that quickly is a minor miracle, since Google does not generally crawl every site, every day. I suspect within a week or so, the permalink for that post will show up in the search results.

  14. I doubt the permalink for my posts will show as they have never shown up in the past. I searched for old entries to see if this was the case, and I was disappointed. It seems like a domain/domain mapping is really how you make yourself "public" to the web.

  15. @amaeze
    Hmmm that's interesting. I'll have to check a few of mine. I thought for sure I had seen the permalinks showing up in Google

  16. I just typed in "expanded awareness in everyday life" and the permalink to it is the first one on the first page using the standard Google search box (not blogsearch).

  17. well search for any of my stuff, i think the results may differ!

  18. so any other thoughts?

  19. Contacting Google ?

  20. google? I still wonder if this is a wordpress issue. when i go to other wordpress blogs and hover over post titles i get "Permanent Link to [post title]". I don't get this on my blog.

  21. Apparently, the theme you chose does not have the "hover" over a link feature. Simply click the title and you will see the permalink in your browser bar. Alternatively, select the title and then right click and select "copy link location". VOILA! you have the permalink. :)

  22. @amaeze
    If I hover over the post title it shows the permalink in my browser status bar at the bottom, but it only shows the post title in the yellow box that comes up.

  23. yeah, i saw that. maybe I'm reading too much into that but i did a SMALL sampling of blogs that have the "hover" feature and their posts showed up. Blogs that did not have the "hover" feature did not have their blogs show up - maybe its just coincidence. :)

  24. ah, I added my last name as part of the search for post that should have a permalink and it found it! I guess posts are not hot enough to show up on the first few pages of search results. :)

  25. use tags and use them liberally - things begin to show up real quick after that!

  26. @amaeze
    I think Google gives more juice to what is on your front page than on other pages although it does crawl all of them.

    With the "hover" are you talking about the small preview window with a small version of the page in it? If you are, then that is likely the "snap preview" which some of us here here have purposely turned off since it can cause weird problems at times and prevent images and pages from loading. If that is what you are talking about it can be turned on by going to presentation > extras, putting a check mark in the box and then clicking update extras.

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