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    On a daily basis I check the Search Engine Terms people use to get to my blog. A few always surprise me so I try my own search. But when I search using the same terms on the the top 5 search engines, I never find my blog in the results.

    Can anyone explain this? For example I wrote on blog post months ago with the word “sofa” in it and now “sofa” is one of the top search terms for my blog. I could be wrong, but 99% of this traffic is useless to me.



    I think we all get hits from baffling or amusing terms, in fact there’s a thread in Off Topic about that. The results you can’t find might be 8 -10 pages deep in the search engines’ results and some people do look at that many.

    I don’t think any traffic is useless; a new reader might become a regular or a subscriber without us ever knowing why. And if not, that’s life. If it really annoys you, you do have the option to block search engines from your blog.



    I have a vague recollection that does very well on and searches, as opposed to Google, and when I don’t show up on the front page of Google for a term that I get hits for, that’s generally where I assume I showed up.

    Or Google Images. We seem to do well on those, possibly because our Uploads format encourages us to give them easily identifiable titles, etc.



    Yeah, I was going to mention images. I find it hard to believe that people searching for popcorn would actually click on my teaching blog, but there is an image of popping popcorn on that post. So I’m guessing that the search term “popcorn” is actually coming from an image search.


    Thanks for the input. I have gone 20 pages deep on MSN, Google and Yahoo including a Google image search and I still cannot find the link. I can average 20 views a day from the word Sofa and I find it hard to believe that many people would go past 20 pages of search results. ANy other ideas?



    I experience the same thing. Some very random search engine terms pop up and I can never mimic the search. I guess there just have to be other search engines other than “the top 5” that also somehow indexes our sites. Or perhaps there is a relevance factor involved? Like for instance; at noon, the word “lunch” has a better indexing factor for that particular time of day. Can it be something like that? Of course then it would mean that people have to search for “lunch” on search engines stationed in the same time zone as themselves…

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