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    The matter has not been resolved so far, to the best of my knowledge, so I am posting, hoping that the collective wisdom by now, may have found the explanation for this little mystery.

    I wrote on sexting, mid-March, some 30 or so posts ago. Well, that post never made it anywhere close to the Top 10, Top 20 or Top Anything, for that matter.

    Rather unexpectedly, the stats started showing a virtual upsurge of hits on that entry, yesterday afternoon (CET=GMT+1). During the night, that little posting topped all the others. All of the sudden, unexpected and very welcome traffic came from the Search Engines en masse for my little blogging experiment here.

    OK, I went to all the major engines and their subdivisions (news, blogs, pix) and punched in the search term as in my stats. Link to my post (blog) is nowhere to be found. (My safe search is off.)

    What gives?

    Many Thanks,




    Can you give us a link to the post this is occuring with? It’s kind of difficult searching on Google if we don’t know which post..

    As for the search engine used, well, that could be a minor or specialised engine.


    OK, I admit to being unfamiliar with the specialised engines… Here is the link:

    Many Thanks for taking your time and trouble over this…



    I have the same experience, I have a vast amount of visitors from search engine terms on my wordpress blog. I´ve been on the top page on google for similar keywords and don´t get as many visitors as I do now. When a check the mayor search engines for my keywords, my blog do not show no where near the top pages. I´ve even checked minor search engines and search engines in different countries. I can´t find my blog on any search engines and yet I get many visitors to my wordpress blog from search engine terms, this is a mystery. Even if I have a top spot on a minor or specialised engine, I should not get as many or more visitors then I get from a top spot on google that I have with other sites with similar keywords.


    I agree with nautical here. My Blog was on the first page of Google Image Search for one of my tags and I did get some traffic but nothing really worth mentioning. Now that one page is having several hundreds of views from the search engines and my blog is nowhere to be found…

    How many people are really using minor engines?



    What main keyword is your visitors searching for silverrrcloud?



    I can’t look into it as I’m in a public place at the moment.

    silvercloud’s blog can be considered NSFW, so be aware. :)



    hehe yeah I checked his blog and was I bit suprised. Do many people use the search within My keyword is on the top spot there.


    325 hits came from the word sexting…





    I’m getting the same thing. Top Searches include “Post it”, “Note” and “To do list” all for a single blog post from last week that has nothing to do with these search terms – and those searches don’t result in anything for our blog if you try it manually. Traffic is spiking on that post with no real reason. It seems like an automated system or a bug in WP? Can someone point me to any feedback from WP on this issue?



    I am having a similar experience with the search term “cats”.

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