search engine terms confusion

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    Hi all –
    none of my friends know about my wordpress blog, it’s like my secret diary. so i found it quite bizarre that two search engine terms showed up that would seem to be only from someone who would know me.

    i tried the same search engine terms in both yahoo and google, and my blog did not appear in the results, even 5 pages in.

    so i am confused. if someone used those terms to get my blog, how did they do it? i cannot mimic the search.

    it seems to be too coincidental to be random. the terms were my name and the name of a city i visted recently. my name is uncommon and also an alternate spelling that is equally uncommon, so it leaves me even more confused.

    any ideas?

    the only thing i can think of is that someone found it online, then used those terms to find it again. which seems highly unlikely. i mean my blog is not some depository of wisdom or humour, it’s just the insane inner mind ramblings of me.



    Did you also try the blog search?

    That has happened to me a couple of times but most of the times, I can figure out the search terms. Moreover, there are hundreds of search engines and each of them brings different results. So,literally it is impossible for you to find out the search engine.

    But, rest assured, there are search engines which are unknown to you. As for me, I never use So, if your blog was found through, you may not find it through google or yahoo search.



    HOLY CRAP! blog search it is. wow. hmm. my cover is blown. glad i kept a couple of scandalous posts as drafts instead of posting.

    thanks for the help.



    @siobahn and dreamnepal
    Please read this thread that is specifically related to your topic

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