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    I was wondering if someone could explain something to me. I have been perpexed over the years why, sometimes, in the Search Engine Terms section where it shows you the search words and gives you the number of hits, you get some terms that have a ridiculously high number of hits. This happens on a weekly basis. Eg Guiseley FC 17, or (today) oldest ground in the world 36. Now, is this one nutter who keeps putting in the same term and pressing enter 36 times, or different people? It wouldn’t make sense that suddenly 36 different people would type in the same search term, when the day before there were none – this would be statistically far too peculiar. As I said I get this weekly. Other examples are, The Hatters 9, AFC Wulfrunians 13, Oldest football pitch in the world 17 (this one came second to oldest football ground in the world today).

    Thanks in advance and apologies if the answer is painfully obvious!

    The blog I need help with is



    Some bloggers are experiencing very weird “referrer spam”. This could be what you are seeing that’s screwing up your stats. We are reporting these directly to Staff rather than revealing the links and unintentionally advertising them on the forum. Here’s the link for contacting Staff >

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