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Search Engine Terms -- need help

  1. insearchoffootball


    when you click on Blog stats ... yu will see a title "Search Engine Terms" and thn it will give you a list of search engen words, sentances that people have used to get to your blog ... my question is this:

    where do people type in these key words and then find our blogs???

  2. Into search engines. Google, MSN, Yahoo, all kinds of search engines.

  3. WP is displaying only truncated searches. Is there a way to get the full search inquiry? It is important to make sure viewers find what they need and to track what information or misconceptions exist in the wider web.

  4. @13c4
    What you see is what we all get. The stats program is beta and we are expecting improvements in April. However, if such detailed information is of crucial importance to you then you could hire a web host and get the host to download a blog from and install more detailed stats tracking.

  5. In my experience, if you click on the link you get taken to the search; the truncation is only in the display; the content of the link is all there. You can put your cursor over each one and see on the bottom of your screen where it would lead and thus, which terms got searched for. This is under Referrals, though, not Search Engine Terms, which lists only the actual terms searched for and not which search engine.

  6. i can't search my site on a search engine and i've had my site for at least a week now why is that?

  7. It usually takes a minimum of between 4-6 weeks to get the attention of search engines. Have you claimed your blog at Technorati and have you registered it with the various search engines?

    Read this thread and act on the information in it

    Also note that blog contents are required and until you have 20 posts with some "meat" assigned to category/tags you really shouldn't fret about this. After all, you only have 3 posts and that's not much. Also they contain very little text and search spiders look for key words.

  8. This site and my brand new site at Blogger took less than five days to get listed on Google. Submit your site here at the right where it says 40+ search engines:

    Don't submit to higher than 40. Also claim your blog at Technorati and add their buttons that they provide onto your blog.

  9. /nod to nosy
    Check out the blog. He has 3 posts. Two posts consist of a single string of words only and one has only an image. There isn't a whole lot of text let alone keywords for the spiders to work with there.

    You actually have to write something.

  10. And put up a blogroll of top sites just to get the juices going. On my new one, I just put up Google, NY Daily News, Page Six, People, Reuters, TMZ, and Yahoo. And try to get linked on a site or a friend's site that is already on Google. For months my Proboards board couldn't get on Google for some reason. Then I thought of linking it on my own blogroll here at WordPress. And the next day it was on Google.

  11. Jon's a penguin owner and there are other penguin blogs in the Top Posts and Top Blogs he can link to.
    understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories
    understanding widgets and how to set them up

  12. @jon
    Here is the search link for other club penguin cheats blogs at that you can enter the links to in your blogroll if you want

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