search engine terms refer only to home page?

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    Hi there,

    in my stats it shows that someone has searched a term and got to my blog, which they would because I’ve written a post on the subject, but in another part of the stats it shows only that someone visited my homepage. Does anyone know why the person searching doesn’t get put straight through to the relevant post?

    The blog I need help with is



    ‘Home Page’ does not mean only The Front Page of Your Blog, but also Tags Pages, Category Pages, Monthly Archives etc. Someone, after searching can arrive to any one of the above too.



    Greetings :)

    Maybe this information will be helpful when it comes to understanding stats.


    Thanks. That puts me at ease. I thought that maybe people are only getting to my front page and then wondering what relevance it has to their search. Question answered, topic closed for me anyway.
    Thanks again.

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