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Search Engine Visibility

  1. I was wondering how do I make my blog visible on Google and all other search engines.

    I think I created a title with all the right keywords. I added all the relevant tags and categories. I also inserted links to other sources of reference (articles, photos, videos, etc.) Still, when I do a search on Google, my blog does not come up. What else can I do to get more visibility.

    I don't want to download software. I would appreciate any other ideas.
    Blog url:

  2. Wait. Blog. It takes up to seven weeks to get indexed by search engines.

  3. Reduce your Tags and Categories - you have about 50 on one Post - reduce to 10 to 12 max total - too many and you get tagged as a Tag spammer by the search engines and down graded

  4. Here are lots of articles about how to increase traffic:

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