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search engines

  1. any suggestions about getting noticed by search engines

  2. I would use as many tags as possible, and make them sexy when you can.
    Somehow all of the search terms people use to find my blog deal with some kind of weird porn. Not sure what this says about my blog, but I don't think I mention sex once. Imagine if I did, I would be on the front page!

  3. @71brei
    This post provides 10 tips to expedite search engine indexing of your blog contents

    Also note that lianamerlo is obviously joking. If you use as many tags as possible and if they are irrelevant in view of the content you will be doing what Matt Cutts from Google calls "spamdexing," and your blog can be penalized if you demonstrate such a pattern. In extreme cases Google can refuse to index your blog contents at all.

  4. @71brei
    As the blog linked to your username is "private" can you explain why you are asking such a question about that is set to keep search engine spiders out and not allow them to index the contents for please?

  5. Optimize your blog for Google. Then request google to take your contents. Google will work out well.

    It gives me around 40 - 50 hits a day.

    if you intrested in my tips get it from below,

    Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress and Blogspot Blogs

    Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress and Blogspot Blogs

  6. Here are some links to popular posts on my blog:
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