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Search Engines Checkbox Defect

  1. I have tried all the suggestions given so far, cache, cookies, write feedback, write support, etc. nothing is working.

    On some blogs, at least 8 that I am aware of, when you make a post, the item which is supposed to be for privacy under Options; Search Engines; gets turned off.

    When this happens, the system writes (robots noindex nofollow) into the pages of the site.

    This continues to be a problem.

  2. This doesn't sound like a "quick fix" situation to me and I do sympathize with your frustration. But I'm not clear why you are starting another forum thread on this. I'm thinking that maybe you don't know that staff do read these posts, and make up support tickets for them, and address them as they can.

  3. I have replied to a feedback, it will be looked at again and thread after thread will not speed it up.

  4. This is now fixed.

    Thank you,

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