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search engines do not find archived posts?

  1. Just an observation - but it would seem that archived posts (and their media) eventually lose their position in the search engine rankings? Does anyone have any experience of this?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google Caffeine preferentially displays the most relevant and timely contents in the SERPs (search engine page results). The result has been that old content that does not receive traffic and does not receive backlinks no longer appears. Provided your "fresh" content meets the criteria of the algorithm it will be displayed. Also note

  3. Thanks for the response. I understand what you are saying. I was thinking about the following scenario.

    Say a blog is about photography tips and each post is a new tip. The old tips which eventually become archived are still relevent and timely in so much that someone is trying to find that information.

    Are we saying that is only likely to have its un-archived posts found by search engines and therefore not suitable for a knowledge based blog such as above?


  4. No I am not saying anything that's specific to blogs at all. What's changed is that Google Caffiene's "fresh content" has become a very inflruential factor for Google SERPs display.

  5. Just a brief note. Many of my posts on my blog are "timeless" in nature and I not amused by this change either. The fact that Google has changed has provoked a response in the wordpress.ORG community. There are now plugins that remove dates from URLs and from comments, as well as the choice of permalink structure that's always been avaialble on that software. I witness sites where this 'stripping" is being done every day. In some cases the blog content is "timeless" but in most cases it isn't.

    Not surprisingly we have even had wordpress.COM bloggers posting to this forum and asking how to eliminate dates from their blog's URLs. We can't. The permalink structure cannot be changed by blogger to omit dates on wordpress.COM blog posts.

  6. Thanks Timethief

    So its the date of the posts which causes the posts to eventually lose ranking and not the fact that the post has been archived.

    As you say this isnt very useful for a blog which is timeless in nature which may contain years of useful content.

    If WordPress are looking for ideas to improve their templates they may wish to try to develop a template which doesnt use dates (if that is technically possible)


  7. All "Archive" means on a WordPress blog is the Post is no longer on the front page of the blog.

    The way the data is stored is exactly the same for a Post that is 5 minutes old or 5 weeks, 5 months or 5 years.

    The Post / Data is never pushed off into a hole - the newer Post just has a later date.

    And yes for some information, ranking on date published is not real relevant and so in some cases the age bias is bad and will cause some very good information will be overlooked.

  8. Having reflected on this it seems to be a problem that needs to be addressed. Otherwise many excellent content rich sites may not appear in search engine rankings.

    If anyone from WordPress admin is reading this they may wish to give a view?


  9. Your only "defense" at this point is to add at least a bit of new content to your site to help it look recent - then if your site is as many are topics that are similar then a visitor might look around and stay for a while.

    As soon as Google figures out that some WordPress.ORG sites and other web sites are scrubbing date information they will hammer the "no date" people for trying to game the system.

  10. Interesting. Then it does require the searcher not to be too lazy in conducting their Internet (free, not all information is free) research.

    I would assume that the older dated posts should still appear..further down the list of results? I haven't tested this yet.

  11. Thank you for the responses.

    maidiebike - I would be most interested if you could post when you have had the opportunity to test. I suspect that some older posts will have disappeared.


  12. @maidebike
    You are correct. provided the posts have been indexed and are relevant given the key words or key word phrases a persontypes into the search engine, then the posts will be found "further down the list" of displayed search results ie. on pages further back from the front page of the SERPs.

  13. @beaufortjazz
    Here's the link to the posts on your blog that have been indexed by Google.
    Here's the link to Google's record of backlinks that your posts have attracted.

    cache: >
    The results display the cached version of your page that is seen when a person searching clicks the cached link under your site information in a Google search. The date and time the information was cache is displayed on the top of the page. There is also link to view the text only version of the page will display the version as the Google crawler (Googlebot) sees your page.

  14. @beaufortjazz
    You ask: "If anyone from WordPress admin is reading this they may wish to give a view?"

    I am not aware of any consideration being given by Staff to removing dates from the URLs of our posts ine blogs. If you wish to get a response from Staff then you will have to contact them directly.

  15. Timethief

    Thanks for the response. It is interesting looking at the data behind the blog.

    My own research was a little less technical. I periodically type in a number of set phrases which I know people will use when they want to find content.

    I then look at which of my posts come up and what their position is on the search engine. As I do this over a period of time, I can see which posts either move or disappear altogether. When I say disappear, I mean no longer appear on say the first 10 or so pages.

    Its not entirely rigorous - but gives me an idea of whats happening.

    Thanks again for the comments.

  16. You're welcome. :)

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