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Search Engines not showing up

  1. Is it just me or do the referrals from Search Engines provide fewer results than they might? Before I transferred our blog from Blogger to WordPress we've had barely any search engine referrals when we were getting quite a few, daily on blogger, which showed up in blogpatrol which we used to track them.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    And how do I add tags to a blog - would this help them to show up on search engines?

  2. Incidentally, our blog is

  3. I've got tons of them on my stats page.

  4. Is it to do with tags? I'm not sure I understand what tags are, even.

  5. Do a search of the forums for "Tags" or read the "Tags vs Categories" thread here on the front page. Tags help A LOT with search engines.

    And if you just moved to a new URL you are essentially starting from the bottom again, at Technorati Blog #50,000,000. It will take time for you to regain your ranking, but as more people link to you it'll happen.

  6. @ Swineshead - a question for you:
    Do you still have all your postings over on blogger even though you now have them on wordpress too? I had to put all my postings on blogger into draft mode (which basically makes them non-existent in search engines) - so that the search engines would start picking up the stories on WordPress rather than blogger. Because, otherwise the searches will be higher in the ranking, on your old blogger postings - and that's where people will be clicking. Ever since I've done that (put in draft mode), I've gotten less and less hits from the old site (I know this because I have the old site set up with a link to my wordpress blog). And the numbers are starting to get back to normal; as far as search hits. I'm not a techie, at all. I've learned things by trial-and-error. So there may be an easier way than doing the draft mode thing! I just know it worked for me! It was a pain, though. As blogger doesn't have the option of bulk-drafting. Manually drafting 1200+ entries took a very, very long time. :) Especially since this was a group blog - with many different authors.

  7. Also, I found that visiting your regulars - and leaving them a nice note; letting them know that you don't want to lose touch with them - and offering your new link; is a good and honest way to rebuild your buds on the technorati end. I had a lot of technorati links on my blogger account; But it takes time to rebuild, as Raincoaster said.

  8. There is information in this thread about how to get search engine attention

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