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Search Enging Stats?

  1. is there any way possible to see from what search engine im getting my visitors from? since the internal statcounter on wordpress only shows the words using from search engine (not from what search engine they are coming from) and a javascript counter isnt supported so do you guys have idea?

  2. If you add Sitemeter or any other stat counter which offers an HTML option, it should give you that information.

  3. well i already have sitemeter and it doesnt show the search engine hits. im using the html code byt getting "unknown" when i check the hits by referal link...

    or am i doing something wrong??? or do you know of any other stat counter that works 100% with wordpress

  4. anyone?

  5. The search engine terms used are revealed on your Blog Stats page. None of the 3rd party stats counters we can use on blogs can give us referrers details because that information would require the use of javascript which is not allowed on our blogs here.

    If having such stats is important to you you can hire a web host and download free software from and then import your blog contents into the new blog.

    HTH :)

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