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    Does anyone else find that entering a term into the search box here is like russian roulette? You may get 300,000 results and look at the first 10, hit “next” and be told there are no results all. What’s really annoying is when you are going through the results and reach page 17 of 200 and then have to start from scratch because this has happened yet again. But I don’t like to moan because otherwise WordPress is pretty brilliant! Is there perhaps a workaround?



    Have you read the support entry on how the search function operates? It’s here > The search engine only indexes the body text of blog posts, pages, and comments. The blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

    See this entry to learn how to search global tags >

    The workaround which I use continuously is to use Google search.
    example of the format – note there is no space following the colon
    example of searching your own blog

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