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    I have been modifying the CSS of the Quintus Theme and everything came out fine. Just one issue came up. The search icon is now a plain grey circle. I cannot make the “magnifying glass” symbol show up anymore. Which is the voice in the CSS i need to change?

    Check my blog to understand what i’m talking about.

    Thanks a lot

    The blog I need help with is


    The search icon isn’t showing up because of this line you added to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor:

    background:#e4e4e4 url("") no-repeat 6px 6px;

    That image link is not a working link. If you remove that line from your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor and make sure the “Add my CSS” option is selected, it will start working again.

    Note that you do not have to copy and paste the entire stylesheet. It’s usually a better option to only add in CSS to the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor for things that you want to change. It keeps things clean and easier to debug if you run into any troubles.



    AWESOME! Thank you so much for your help. Now it finally looks right again! Hehe!



    Sweet! :)

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