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Search keyword patterns -behind your blog: mean anything to you?

  1. I do look at the type of search keyword that people use to land onto our blogs. It just gives a vague that sorts of trends people are thinking and searching on.

    But then it maybe a kid doing their school assignment. Hmmm, yea.
    It actually is sometimes interesting and yes, we do have blog posts that do cover certain specialized topics. I don't do much analysis but over a span of a few months, there is clearly an interest search trend.

    There are certain google search words that are used more frequently than others.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, all this means lots to me but I don't consider it to be a technical support issue and that's what this forum is for. :)

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  4. yes, it is important. however no one has ever search on my current blog. its not as 'popular' as my previous one

  5. I've had some google searches. I think that's because of the quotes I use.

  6. I can tell by google search keywords into our blogs that there a few people who are looking for more info. on a piece of equipment that I wrote about and there isn't much on the performance of it.

    It is useful ..and I hope the people looking for info. keep on trying but they just can't rely on the free Internet. There so much more meaty info. and it's current stuff through paid databases, etc.

    Also for us...cycling is seen marginal in the whole transportation world, but there are certain searches that indicate some people are at least thinking about certain topics. Not sure if they are working or taking action beyond that.

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