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    [pardon me if this come before, failed to find an appropriate topic]

    in the light of Yahoo Pipes adding a Search Field on the Global Tags page seems to be would making it somewhat more useful than it is now.

    basic search modifiers/operators like: ‘quotes’, ( parentheses ), + == AND, - == NOT are highly appreciated.

    so that: tagA tagB - tagC
    would return posts containing: tagA OR tagB AND NOT tagC

    ex: wordpress – ‘Britney’s Crotch’, — everything about OR wordpress except Britney’s Crotch

    or: tagA + tagB - tagC
    would return: tagA AND tagB AND NOT tagC

    ex: wordpress + plugins – ‘comment preview’, — search for all WP plugins except ‘comment preview’ one.

    search results could be exported as RSS feed, while search conditions could be saved for a ‘Tag Surfer’ for people to watch for them (making the last much more useful too).

    a bit of basic notion of English grammar would be desired of course too (single or plural, possesive forms etc, just look at this forum Tags page) but this one is rather difficult to implement I guess (may be there’s an appropriate web-service?).



    I certainly agree. I wonder why the functioning modifiers/operator on WordPress are not even mentioned anywhere I was able to find it.




    I have heard that staff are working on some pretty big changes to the “search” capacities here at but I am not privy to any details of the change. I would imagine that it would be some sort of advanced search capacities, but that is purely speculation. It would be nice to have some things in place for more advanced searching, I would agree :)


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