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    It will be really nice if we have a search option on home page “” itself…. search the blogs ?



    what do you mean exactly i’m not sure. currently if we want to search around, we can search through the tag surfer, or the tag page at


    you can use that tags page, or you can use one of the blog search engines (technorati, google blogsearch, matt is affiliated with))


    Hi sulz,

    New to all this bogging stuff!
    Could you please explain how you go about finding sites I’ve visited and left comments but the don’t appear under “my Comments”.

    I really wanted to go back to a blog that was about mind mapping and equivalent software but did not make a note of it ( only remember Compendium). How can I search in technorati, google or sphere if I can’t remember the url?

    Sorry if I sound thick!

    I am assuming that is what dinsun means by search.



    actually your comments should be tracked by the my comments feature in dashboard. however, i’ve been experiencing a problem with it, that i don’t see some of the comments i’ve left around wp in there, so it could possibly be a bug. either that, or the blogger did not want to publish your comment in his blog. you could try searching via blog search engines as sunburntkamel suggests. you don’t have to remember the url when you use search engines, it helps to narrow down though if you have specific key phrases from the post you made a comment in.



    It’s been suggested in the past. Staff has usually pointed folks to the search engines and suggesting that you add in ‘’ into the search bar.



    Hear hear! It would be very nice if there were a seach box on the main page of, to be able to search for blogs either by blogname, keyword, tag, or words contained in content.

    The only obvious way to browse for other people’s blogs is the Tag facility, which is a very nice thing, but it is not a total search facility – I can’t search by any term, ony terms that are on the top of a tag list, so adding a search too would be great.



    No need for it. Best bet would be to follow the instructions listed up above.

    Staff has said many times that they’re in the blogging business, not the search engine business. Other companies do it better than they ever could.



    Also considering we can’t get folks here in the forums to use the search bar…



    “Other companies do it better than they ever could.”
    Hi drmike, very true, which is why a googlebox or similar would work well.
    The instructions listed above are good, and work fine for us (nerds).
    But users browsing wordpress aren’t necesarily nerds.
    They may easily be general users.
    Who are very used to seeing a search box on most web sites they visit.



    I think you’re missing the point. In response to these requests for Google searchboxes on blogs staff have said: “We are in the blogging business and not the search engine business”. If you wish to argue the point with them then use a feedback. Moderators and Volunteers have no input into these decisions and repeatedly posting your opinion here, after an answer has been provided months ago, on March 16th, is futile.



    Lucky, please send in your comment via feedback. I’m just repeating what staff’s position on the topic is. Arguing with me is just a waste of time for both you and myself as neither one have any offical status here.

    Google and the like won’t work in my opinion. We have at least a thread here a week about folks having their blogs indexed by the search engines and they’ve set it not to be done. I’ve also had sites with thousands of incorrect URls over the years with no way to fix the problem and no one willing at Google and hte like willing to fix their issues or even acknoledge them.

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