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    The url for my website is

    Upon search “Viten Filmfestival” my wordpress site does not show up in the google search results. I have been into the settings page and changed the site from private to public, so the website should be indexed by now, but the issue is not resolved.

    Is there anything I can do so that my website shows up on a google search?

    In advanced thank you so much for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Google’s bots must be a bit slow. If I type vitenfilmfestival into Bing it is the second result.


    ah, I see.

    However, it’s a different story if I bing/google “Viten filmfestival” with a space.

    Do you perhaps know why?


    searching: vitenfilmfestival or viten filmfestival

    On google the site doesn’t even show up on the first 5 result pages.

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