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    Hi guys…
    i’m not sure if guys have noticed but…
    when clicking a CATEGORY in the category widget… an ARCHIVE… or when using the Search Widget…


    my suggestion is that you could have an editable parameter as to HOW MANY RESULTS YOU WANT TO SHOW per search (for all widgets that display results)…

    (to give you better picture… go to my blog [ ] and either 1. Click a CATEGORY… 2. Select an ARCHIVE… 3. Use the Search Widget… you will again notice that ONLY 5 RESULTS WOULD SHOW UP and the other results can be seen by CLICKING the “Previous Entries” link)

    for a READER… it would seem pretty troublesome to navigate via the “Previous Entries” link..
    and with regards to the layout i’m using… it would seem that there’s a lot of wasted SPACE that could have been allocated for displaying search results…

    i hope the wp team looks into this..

    and keep up the good work btw.. hahaha

    The blog I need help with is


    That is because you have your blog set to show 5 posts per page at settings > reading. That setting controls the number of posts on tags pages, categories pages, blog pages, archives pages as well as search results.



    i kinda figured that out since i’ve been tweaking with the settings a bit…
    but i was really hoping for a separate control for the other widgets…
    since frankly i’m contented with my blog showing 5 posts (coz they;re pretty much long winded).. and all i really wanted was the search results to show at least 10-15…

    anyway thanks… haha

    im still hoping for this idea to be considered btw.. haha..
    SEARCH RESULTS>>> ahahahaha



    Perhaps maniacal giggling in the forum is not the very best way to get staff to give serious consideration to a suggestion.



    i guess.. but more often than not… genius is mistaken for insanity.. haha…



    Do you find that works for you?


    If you write long posts, consider using the “read more” tag and then you can increase the number of posts shown on each page to say 10. Perhaps give two or three paragraphs before the read more tag.




    I’m interested in using the “read more” tag – would you explain how to activate that function, please?

    ang (


    This support page explains how to use it. Make sure and pay attention to the bottom of the page under formatting issues:

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