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  1. I can see individual day stats for the current month. Can I go to a certain day in a previous month a few months ago?

    Thanks for your help. Jocelyn.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't know if there is a better way but:

    Click on any day's stats (the bars on the main stats page)
    Adjust the day you are looking for in the browser address bar -

    This is part of what you will see - change the date:

    You should be taken to the stats for that particular day

  3. Thank auxclass but it didn't work. The day in question was blank, but sitemeter tells me there were hits that I wanted to look up here. I guess maybe once the month passes wp only keeps the monthly total...?

  4. I found stats for Mar 4, 2011 and Jan 4, 2011 on my site

    there are no bars at the top but the bottom info was there

    One point - some stats programs have a different start and stop times so if you have a low visit site a few visitors can be shifted to anther day.

  5. thanks, that helped!

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