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Search Widget doesn't function

  1. I use the "Contempt" theme. The "Search" widget doesn't work. Rather than results I always get:

    You have searched the _________ weblog archives for'___________'. If you are unable to find anything in these search results, you can try one of these links.

    I use Mac Tiger, and have tried several browsers including Firefox, Safari. and Netscape.


  2. Would help us help you if you filled in the blank lines and returned the search widget to your site.

    Sort of like "Name this book I'm holding in front of the monitor."

  3. Hi Dr. Mike,

    I've had this same problem at

    I've got a "not there" response when searching for "baptism" "Spirit" and "authentic" and received a wrong location for the word "arts."

    In case I can't get this resolved, is there another search engine I could use?


  4. @worthlessgoddamncripple
    I just used your forum search box and it worked fine. I searched for Welcome, Aids and Kosher eats and found all the associated posts without any difficulty at all.

  5. @gophumek
    I just went to your site and pasted several words found in your posts there into your blog search box and it worked just fine. The results were the same post on your blog that I copied the words from just as they should have been.

    I hope that you understand that the search box on your blog is only for words you have typed into your blog. It's not a search engine search box like Google's

  6. Hi Timethief,

    I went back and searched again myself. I still couldn't find "baptism" "authentic" and this time I tried to search "kids" and couldn't find any such word. I have a whole section on kids. I don't know why I can't find any of these words in the search box. I tried to search while logged in and then did so logged out just in case that had anything to do with it. Still nothing.

    Thanks for looking at my site and for your help.


  7. OOPS! You removed the search box so I couldn't give it another try.

  8. Hi Timethief,

    I have an almost identical site with an almost identical name that does not have the search engine. Make sure that you click over to

    I'll probaby only keep one of these sites, but until then, I'd love this search engine to work.


  9. Just for reference please note that you have your blog setup to not be in the search engines. Either one of them.

    Looking at the one with the 'k' in the name:

    You have a grand total of two posts, neither one of them have the words arts, baptism or authentic that I can see right off. You have those words within Pages within your blog. Pages are seperate from Posts and remain outside of your posting structure. Text within your Pages are not included within a search. That's why the searching is not finding them.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Hey drmike,

    I did not know that the search engine does not search pages. Is there a way to add a search engine that will search pages and not just posts? Thank you for your information. It was very helpful.


  11. Afraid not. You could do it with the regular wordpress software with a plugin but the Pages were developed to sit outside of the blog. They weren't meant to be indexed.

    And, again I point out the setting that you have turned on to prevent your sites to be indexed by outside search engines.

  12. So once I allow outside search engines to index the site, I can have people search the site by doing the following:

    site: baptism

    I can perhaps put a link by saying, "Search our site" and link it to the google search



  13. That would work. The libaray is closing for the day but If I remember, I can post something for a text widget after I move if you ned it.

  14. Can the "search widget" search comments?

  15. Hmm....short of testing that, I don't think so.


  16. @ Trent
    This question re: searching comments and pages has come up before. The search boxes on our blogs can be used to search for titles, key words and phrases in our posts only. They cannot be used to search for material posted on pages or in comments.

    To locate other material we can use the key word or phrase and and do a Google search.

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