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search widget duplicate

  1. I've just switched over to the MistyLook theme which has a search widget that I have added to my sidebar. However, MistyLook also apparently has a search widget in the header area - but not one that I can access via design or settings. There it is, sitting at the top of the screen, blocking one of my page tabs and I can't figure out how to make it go away.


  2. It won't go away. That's one of the problems with Mistylook. With the CSS upgrade you could style it out of the way, but otherwise this is going to be a problem for anyone with a certain number of pages.

  3. Grrrr...well, thanks anyway raincoaster.

  4. If you shorten the names of the pages, they should fit, barely. Incontinent cats could be, for example, Gallery and Me Have Opinion could be more concise.

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