“Search” widget, input field width

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    I had to overwrite the search widget because css can do many things, BUT overwrite what’s hardcoded in the page. So, if the size of the input field is “15”, I cannot make it any other size via css. So, maybe the search box could come with no default size or with a customizable size.


    You should still be able to alter the width with CSS. What CSS have you tried using?



    Are you talking about a blog at wordpress.com stecco? Your blog in your profile, http://stm.sottosuolo.org/ , is not a wordpress.com hosted blog. Your username, http://stecco.wordpress.com/ is a blog that has no content If you are hosted at wordpress.com, what is the blog URL, if not, please ask over in the forums for blogs not hosted at wordpress.com!



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